NextGen ASD(sm)

Successful people, and businesses, focus the bulk of their energy and resources on what they can control or affect; what Stephen Covey called The Circle of Influence. Airports should generally do the same in their attempts to grow air service. 

However, standard ASD efforts have typically focused significant energy and resources on the airport’s circle of concern – growing air service – by trying to persuade airlines how to plan their networks. Ask any airline network planner in a moment of honesty (say, over a beverage at a route development conference), and they’ll agree that most of these airport efforts have little if any effect on their decision-making

What do airline network planners want? Said plainly, more and better-paying passengers. Bring them that, and air service will follow.

NextGenASDSM focuses an airport’s energy and resources where it has more control or affect: growing passenger demand for the airport’s service. This has two significant benefits for airports who practice NextGenASDSM:

  1. Focuses airport resources where they can influence outcomes
  2. Positions the airport more favorably in the minds of airline network planners

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