Airline Network Strategy Matrix(sm)

Airlines generally make capacity decisions based on one of two goals:

  • Short-term financial return
  • A longer-term strategic benefit worth investing over time to achieve

Airports that provide one or both of these will tend to attract more service than airports that provide neither. If an airport is in Quadrant III – and most non-large-hub airports are – the path to air service growth is to determine what it can control or affect to move toward a more desirable position in the minds of airline network planners. Every airport has such a path – it just has to be discovered.

Standard ASD alone is ill-suited to this task. Sky Synergy’s NextGenASDSM approach was designed specifically for it, by people who knew, from their airline planning experience, how badly airports needed it. Want to know how a NextGenASDSM approach can help your airport attract more air service? Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation.